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Why Cole Slaw is incredible and New Jersey finally pisses me off.

Henrique gets on the show today to talk about Coleslaw, Snakes on this muthafuckin' Plane, and Recycling. It's a slippery slope of bullshit, Henrique is just a nut, sorry.

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Tonight on Freak Forum we're joined by Justin Channell and Zane Crosby in the glorious slums of Baltimore Maryland during a horror movie convention to talk about good times and sick sick sex.

As a warning for you listeners, this is the most vile and sexually explicit episode we've done in a long time. So be warned, though I bet you are more likely to listen now.

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Freak Forum VIDEO EXTRA!

Every now and again you will be treated to an extra bit of goodness, this week, my parody college commercial! for any comments

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Warning, we are changing servers!

On a lonely evening Henrique starts to rant and call up friends to Join in. Steve Rudzinski and Andrew Shearer are the unfortunate guests on this episode. Fuck Mel Gibson and Paris Hilton. Music by Trucker and the Hot Rods courtesy of


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To make up for lost time Henrique jumps right into the incident between himself and the crazy fundamentalist "Way of the Master Radio" the radio show of Kirk "One Fame" Cameron and Ray "Nothing to say" Comfort. Then I dive into what bullshit occured.

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