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Happy Friday the 13th FOLKS!

In a distant land (Cleveland) in a distant place (also Cleveland) three super best friends join together to put on one hell of a show. What happens when Freak Forum host Henrique Couto and Freak Forum South hosts Andrew Shearer and Countess Samela get together to do their shows together?!? FREAK FORUM CHURCH!

Join in on this ComboCast that is without a doubt the DIRTIEST episode of Freak Forum ever recorded! Oral Sex, Scary Voices, Hysterical Laughter, Potatoes! ALL REVEALED HERE!

So sit down, turn up the speakers or earbuds, grab some popcorn and your gigglestick and prepare for an audio gentle fucking!

A Word of warning, if you are sincerely offended by blatant sexual discussion, please, don't listen to this show, and lighten up.

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