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Well holy shit! It's Thanksgiving, and the only special thing Henrique is doing is the podcast you're listening to right now! Pathetic isn't it? Well tune in!

Tonight there's a battle between Steve Rudzinski and a listener and also a commentary on a Myspace Bulletin about Guys and Girls dating. This show is way cooler than you think! TUNE IN!

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Look at that picture, I totally get wit TONS of chicks... TONS!

Special celebration time is at hand, Freak Forum as acquired their new Headquarters in Butler, New Jersey. While the studio has still yet to be built, Henrique comes in to give you a stern talking to about some recent events.

What's wrong with Dallas Airport? Was is old landlord an asshole? What special news has been announced about the show? How can you see Henrique beaten by a dominatrix? Do religious people tend to do more immoral things because of god?

All this and SO MUCH MORE is covered here tonight! TUNE IN or fuck yourself.

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That's right! We're finally back to vidcasting! Hopefully far more regularly from now on!
This installment is a special two parter about an incident that occured when I was at the Wicked Good Time ( event in Edison New Jersey. If you like leather, painful beatings and strong dominatrix, this really is the vidcast for you!
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For the first ever Freak Vidcast you get to join Henrique as he discovers information about the strange and disturbing Cage Face Girl. He investigates all over the Horrorfind Weekend convention in Baltimore Maryland and tries his damndest to get some REAL journalism going!

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This one’s all about stalkers and creeps and crazies. We’ve all known them, some of us have dated them, and some even married them. You’ll hear some interesting war stories as well as find out if Sam would rather screw a republican or a table saw.Visit us at: E-mail us: Call our Comment line: 541-22-FREAK (37325)

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Hey! So we've made it to 40 episodes! How? I don't know!

Tonight we get a special visit from Dark Mullet Films' STEVE RUDZINSKI for a very exhausted (not exhaustive) interview that'll leave you laughing and mostly offended.

Henrique tackles censorship and his asshole landlord as well. ALL NOW, on the freak fourm!

Be aware! The Freak Forum headquarters in Scenic Butler, New Jersey have been acquired, by next month we'll be relocated and have some big news about the show!

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This is a clusterfucked episode.

Henrique is about to leave town for the weekend and only has time to rave and rant about a few things that piss him off. One of them rhymes with Ristianity. Guess what it is!

This show may suck, you have been warned. And its a little short, deal with it, I gave you two shows over an hour this month.

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